Terms of service

July 01, 2020

General terms of service

Solidefi is a non custodial technology platform for decentralized finance protocols that run on Ethereum, including but not limited to Maker, Compound, dYdX, Aave, Synthetix, Balancer, Kyber and Uniswap.

Solidefi is in no way affiliated with companies or teams behind these protocols and we can make no guarantees regarding their stability or security. Additionally, we can provide no guarantees regarding the safety of funds that have been in any way used within Solidefi. We cannot compensate users for funds that have been lost during use within Solidefi or that have at any point in time been used within Solidefi.

By using Solidefi, you agree to these terms and acknowledge that you are aware of the existing risk and knowingly accept it.

Solidefi uses the Gnosis Safe Smart Wallet and the terms and conditions of Gnosis Safe can be accessed at https://gnosis-safe.io/terms/